The Navagraha
What are The Navagraha?
Adepts of both Eastern and Western astrology agree that we are influenced by planetary energies for the duration of our lives. These energies are very real, affecting our relationships, career, intelligence, wealth, luck, creativity and behavioural tendencies, as well as our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Ancient Vedic astrological traditions, still very much alive today, have developed systems of Yoga whereby the effects of these planetary vibrations can be harmonized to a greater degree. To this end, Nine of the planets - known as The Navagraha - are given particular importance. They include the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Although Rahu and Ketu are not strictly planets as such, but rather 'shadow planets' or nodal points, they are still able to exert great influence over us, and are therefore included in the practice.

Planetary Mantras both serve to buffer negative energies and enhance positive ones. Best results can be achieved by regular chanting. Please be patient and remember that the planets are powerful forces and it may take time to make adjustments.

Detailed information on the planets, their qualities and influences, related colours, numbers, gems, yantras and tantras is easily accessible on the internet.

NB: In astrology, gems are sometimes recommended as remedial tools. However, they must be used with the utmost care as they can lead to serious problems if negative energies are unwittingly magnified by choosing the wrong gems. Mantra practice is considered a completely safe and effective alternative.