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Yoga postural and breath training are readily available in this day and age. They will improve your health, mental clarity and general well-being if taught and practiced correctly. But Yoga was always intended to be so much more than that. There are the worlds of astrology, puja, mantra, yantra, tantra, yagya, concentration practices and meditation.

The most profound of these techniques, in my opinion, come from the fields of Mantra (The Yoga of Sacred Sound) and Meditation.

These two CDs have been recorded to provide simplified, effective methods of achieving the benefits of these disciplines. They make an excellent supplement to your current Yoga training and will assist you in building a real and stable foundation for your spiritual practice.

My humble advice to build the best foundation is as follows:

  • Practice Yoga Asanas (postures) and Pranayama (breathing) with a qualified teacher.
  • Harmonize your planetary influences by regular Mantra practice.
  • Supplement this with a short session or two of daily Meditation.

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    Anton Zafir